Introducing A new legacy brand

DROP 004

The Foundation

Each point of FOUR CROWNS represents a pinnacle of defying the odds.

An accolade for those who see the privilege in elevating to their highest potential, while aligning to one’s authentic self.

FOUR CROWNS is a reminder that moving forward is always the goal, no matter step or leap.

Inspired by Jay Cutler’s journey, a world renowned bodybuilding athlete, where the only opponent was himself. 

Each placement shares purpose. 

The " crown " is placed at the rib, in eye view, as a reminder to keep looking forward. 

“ Against all odds. ” is placed on the back collar, located at the base of neck, to always influence the subconscious to push through self doubt and understand that initiative starts from within.

The subtlety of FOUR CROWNS is a personal message, that when you allow your progression, perseverance and determination to speak for itself, you will always win.